3 cards that will save your life

No, it's not your SSS, Philhealth or Pag-IBIG card (although they will save you too)

24: Fiercest and Fearless

I met up with Mithi yesterday and I just wanted to share something she told me that I can't get off my mind: "Dapat hindi na tayo maghiya-hiya kasi 25 na tayo" (We shouldn't be shy or scared [to try new things]  because we are already 25 years old) 

Highway 81

On Black Saturday this year, my bloggies and I drove off to Buda to spend some time together, and get a whiff of the cold mountain air while we're at it. Our mission: to get some of the famous sikwate at suman from Seagull Resort, and check out Highway 81, which has been popping up all over our Instagram feeds.


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