Bistro Ah-lyoh

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Thursday food group is back with a vengeance!

After exhausting the restaurants on our list of places to try, we found another place to try. Hidden in Juna Subdivision, Bistro Ah-lyoh is a charming restaurant that's perfect for an intimate get-together with friends or dates (date agad?!) wherein you just want to talk in a quiet place.

7-list: College Bucket List (and Lessons I Learned for each one)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's been a month since my last post. I don't know anyone but myself who cares that I haven't been updating, but if ever there's still someone that does check my blog from time to time for a new post, forgive me (again) for neglecting my blog. 
Can you believe there's less than a week left in January--which means..graduation season is just just just around the corner! (I hope posting this doesn't jinx my graduating) It's so close yet so far! I'm excited yet exhausted. So exhausted.
 I wanted to share with you some of my goals which I listed down when I knew that I would be graduating later than usual. I did this so that my being delayed wouldn't have gone to a complete waste. You know how I mentioned previously that I love lists, right? Well, it's super helpful to remind you of your goals and what you need to accomplish. It's also such a nice feeling to look back on the list and see how far you've come--how much you've actually accomplished without knowing so!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to you, who's reading this entry and everyone who still reads my blog! (Meron pa ba? Haha)

I know it's been a month since my last post and I hope you'll forgive me. Alam naman nating sobrang busy, fast and hectic ng December, especially for students like me. On the bright side, this is probably gonna be my last December as a student cause next year, I'll be spending Christmas as an engineer already! Naks, claim it na, bakla! Haha. I really had a hellish week before Christmas break started, with all the exams and requirements that were like mushrooms, springing out of nowhere! Pero siguro okay na din mag-exams noh, kesa uuwi akong late (from Manila, since that's where I plan to work) for Christmas break due to work commitments!


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