Travel 101: Packing Tips

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hola everyone! How are you?

The first semester of my last year of college (!!!) ended yesterday so my last ever semestral break is here!! (Kinda wild when you think about it!) My classmates and I will be leaving for our plant tour on Monday, and I'm sure you have trips of your own planned for the break too (for those who came from schools that weren't affected by the academic calendar shift). I wrote this blog post on the request of my friend, who's a chronic overpacker. These are just some things I learned after packing then re-packing for the three years of my life that I spent studying away from home.

You Can't Sit With Us

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I wish I could somehow put it out there a bit more creatively buuuut there's really no particular story behind my outfit. I just saw the shirt in a pile of clothes my sister left when she came to visit. If you don't get the pop culture reference, it's a line from one of my favorite movies, Mean Girls. :))

Abreeza Fashion Forum: Browhaus

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Ever since my first make-up class years ago, I started being conscious about my brows. At first, I couldn't get why people would keep having their brows cleaned. When I saw brow threading on TV, I couldn't imagine having that done on myself--it looked hella painful! But, fast forward to today, I'm one of those brow-conscious girls who keeps trying to get her friends and sisters to groom their brows. :))


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